Stone countertops

Stone Counertops - Slate history

What is the history of slate? About how old is it? Where is found. What about stone countertops?I need all the info on slate you can give me. I would greatly appreciate it.Thank you very much.


Slate is not a specific age. It depends on where the slate is found and it's history as to its age. There are 3 steps in the formation of slate: ...

Slate - Stone countertops

Kind of rock: clastic stone coming from the sedimentation of a very thin mire that follows a double process: cementation and lamination. Composition in percentage: SiO2 22-46%; Al2O3 2-18%; CaO 20-39%; FeO 1-10% Specific gravity: 2600-2900 Kg/mł Compression: some compression trials on dry and wet test-tubes done both parallel and perpendicular to the veins have shown resistances with a minimum of 900 Kg/cm and a maximum of about 1600 Kg/cm, taking into consideration the extreme values in different situations. ...